TestExpo 2014 – Overview – Defining the Digital Testing Strategy

“As long as software exists, it will need to be tested” – whilst this well-known sentiment is true, technology and software are evolving rapidly with a move into a newer, increasingly digital landscape, where users are ruthless when it comes to quality, usability and performance, and companies are working harder than ever to innovate. To ensure testing continues to meet expectations it must also develop and continue to prove its value to the business.

TestExpo 2014 aims to consider the ways in which we might rethink our testing practices and incorporate new digital technologies into our testing plans to support the delivery of high quality digital applications.

This one-day conference will be structured around a series of themes, with keynote presentations and roundtable sessions where all participants can join in and discuss their own experiences, consider how the testing industry is progressing and find new ways to approach digital testing challenges.

Themes include:

  • Defining the digital testing strategy and considering which methods and tools will provide the right mechanisms for success: including Agile, Cloud, SOA, Automation and standardised processes
  • Incorporating new technologies and devices into testing plans: Feedback from social media and Big Data/analytics, and channels such as Mobile, Smart TV, and the Internet of Things
  • Budgets: How much of the testing budget should go into new channels and the need to prove the value of QA and focus on ROI
  • The Changing role of the tester: from technical testers to new skills, the role of new testers coming up into the market, and do testing certifications cater for new waves of applications and devices? Differentiating between ‘testing’ and ‘checking’ and Bug hunter vs. bug preventer

TestExpo 2014 Programme

Time Session Details
08:30 Registration, Tea & Coffee
09:15 Welcome and Short Introduction to Sponsors
09:30 Opening Keynote: World Quality Report 2014-15: Exploring the Key Trends in Testing
Rik Marselis, Management Consultant, Quality & Testing, Sogeti
An overview of the new World Quality Report 2014-15 findings and trends at a global and local UK level, with a particular focus on the effect Digital and Mobile are currently having on the testing organisation, how to overcome the associated challenges, and future predictions.
10.00 Testing in Scrum
Danny Crone, Technical Director, nFocus, Visual Studio, Microsoft Gold Partner
In this session Danny will explore why organisations are adopting scrum and the many challenges organisations face to manage the quality of their applications.
10:20 Load testing at the application level
Antony Edwards, TestPlant
Today almost all load testing is done at the protocol level. But this is based on outdated constraints and assumptions, and by moving to the application-level we can make load testing simpler and get more meaningful results.
10:40 Tea & Coffee, Exhibition
11:10 Second Keynote: Taming mobile and browser complexity 
Archie Roboostoff, Borland Portfolio Director, Micro Focus Limited/Borland
In today’s consumer driven age, browser and mobile choices create a series of unmanageable complexities for organizations trying to support an increasingly impatient and growing end user base.  Join us to hear the top 3 things you need to know about supporting modern devices, browsers, and platforms.
11:40 Case Study: How the role of the Tester has evolved at Experian Data Quality
James Syrett, Mark Stamatiades and Liam Robertson, Experian
The Experian team describe how they have moved to an Agile culture, implementing Scrum project management methodology. This has changed the way testers and developers work together and introduced new challenges to their roles and responsibilities. They share their lessons learned, improvements, as well as their plans which will benefit both the internal teams and customers.
12.10 Round Table Session 1
– Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes. Each table has a “Topic Guru” to facilitate the discussion.
13.00 Lunch, Exhibition
14.00 Can Risk Management and Mitigation Be Integrated with Testing?
Gordon Alexander,  Seapine Software
Risk management and mitigation is a central tenet of effective project management, and must be incorporated into your testing plan to be effective. Learn why automating traceability, and ensuring that design, risks, and testing are linked and managed in a central repository, are necessary to truly integrate risk management and mitigation activities with testing.
14:20 Case study: Evolution of Testing for Mobile Platforms, BBC Future Media
Paul Rutter, Test Manager for Mobile Platforms in BBC Future Media
A look at how Testing for Mobile Platforms has evolved over the past 3 years in BBC Future Media. Focusing on native applications this talk will cover how the team, our approach, methodologies, frameworks and ways of working have evolved to keep up with the breakneck pace of Mobile application development and delivery.
14:50 Model Based Test Automation: avoiding the maintenance trap
Hans Planken, Vice President Channel Sales EMEA, Tricentis
Why is the take-up of test automation only 25% after 30 years of software testing? Early stages of test automation tools were fragile and expensive, but next generation tools are model-based, which means that they are robust, cost-effective, scalable and technology- independent. Hans describes how seamless test automation can be achieved.
15.10 Round Table Session 2
– Participants join a table to discuss one or more of the Conference themes. Each table has a “Topic Guru” to facilitate the discussion.
15:50 Tea & Coffee, Exhibition
16:20 Testing as a managed service using SLA’s and KPI’s
Sarat Addanki, Head of the Testing Division at Prolifics
Join Prolifics’ session to get a better understanding on how to improve the quality of service delivery and adhere to internal and external compliance standards, how metrics help validate performance  and how to integrate metrics in a managed framework to create a transparent and efficient management system.
16:40 A Disciplined Agile Test Process
Milan Verma, Zephyr
This presentation covers how to characterise Agile, the goals of Agile testing and how to plan for it; Agile test design and execution; Agile bug reporting.
17.00 Closing Remarks
17.15 Drinks Reception
18:30 Close